WordPress Security Audit – What a Red Dot Means

What is an important part of your WordPress Security Audit? What if the website is already compromised? Have you thought about the white labelling approach or a red flag audit service? If both can also offer a black box SEO audit with your brand name, consider the SEO audit would be able to add a red flag audit with your branding as well.

Why a black box approach? Black box SEO is when the SEO process does not include any of the elements of your website. This includes the title tag, meta tags and meta description tags. It does not include any of your internal code that is used for your site. It simply refers to the search engines that the website has been listed under.

This is a very important part of the SEO audit because this is what will help search engines see that your site is legitimate. If you have done this correctly then it will raise a red flag on the website to help search engine spiders understand why you are listing under a certain domain.

The first step that search engine has to do is determine if the page is relevant or not. There are several factors that search engine has to take into consideration such as the title tag, Meta tags, title, Meta description and meta keywords. Search engine will look at how each of these are worded and the internal linking of the page such as internal images and internal text.

The title tag will contain the title of the website and the meta title tag will contain the title. Meta tags will describe what keywords are to be contained in the meta description. This helps make the title of the website more relevant. The keyword is then going to be included in the meta description and then the internal link is going to the actual page that is linked to from the search engines.

The meta description tag is going to contain the keywords and phrases that the search engines are looking for to rank the website for. This can either be internal or external links to your website.

So what is a red flag? If any of these steps are done wrong then the search engine will think the website is not legitimate.

So if you have done your white labelling approach then this is where you are going to use the white labelling approach. When it comes to the black box method then the red flag is the SEO audit tool that is going to look at the internal link from the search engine that point back to the website. If there is a red flag then it will alert the search engine that the internal link is a red flag. The red flag will look similar to a red dot when you click on it in the search engine.

There is also a white dot on a link that is pointing to a website that is being searched. So if you see any of those then it is a red dot that needs to be removed.

If you remove the red dot then the search engines will see that it is a legitimate link. The black box method is used to make sure that you have done the red dot correctly.

After the black box method is complete then the next step is to check the red dot. and red dot using the internal link to the internal images of the page that points back to the website.

The internal links are normally internal links that point back to the website. This is important because it is usually the main link back to the website.